Minnow Head Jig with Wire Keeper – JMWB-7-A

Minnow Head Jig with Wire Keeper - JMWB-7-A

The new Minnow Head Jig mold with a wire keeper is an improvement over the traditional mold. The wire keeper lets you easily attach small plastic grubs and lures without tearing them up. The lures also stay firmly attached much longer than when on traditional barbed collars. Cavities range from a small, finesse 1/48oz size up to a hefty 3/8oz size. A recessed area for stick-on eyes let you use 3D eyes as well as the traditional flat eyes. This is a proven crappie and walleye lure and now it is even better. Use wire keeper insert item #5677D from Do-It WB400

Sales Unit: Each

Start at: $36.95